Cottagecore linen dress

Please, before ordering, take the time to read the little lovely description below.

Hello dear,

we wanted to take the time to tell you a little more about the Thimbleweed dress in sustainable organic linen from Rebecca’s capsule, so you get a chance to love it as much as we do by understanding the work that goes into it and the inspiration that led to its creation.

  • This dress, like all of our Nour & the Merchant dresses, is custom made here, in our little atelier in the Nord of Italy The production takes around 4 to 8 weeks time. From the moment you purchase the dress we will order the fabric and then hand cut it and sew it individually, just for you. You can check more facts about the slow-fashion production method we use on our info page and blog, trust me, it's fun and interesting to learn about what is good for our planet. Slow fashion allows you to ask for small modifications and it is more respectful towards the environment as it doesn’t require overproduction and waste of resources. This way you can also ask for a fully custom made dress in your measurements for an additional fee.
  • The name of this dress,Thimbleweed, was inspired by the flower of the same name and you can read more about the inspiration for this dress in the Rebecca page.
  • This dress is in fine and sustainable soft linen and can be embroidered with your favorite animal! It comes in different colors and the skirt is a full wheel, allowing a beautiful twirl effect!
  • The top fits tight with a zipper in the back, so make sure to check the size chart. The waist of this dress is not elastic and the skirt is very wide so no worries about your hips size!
    The skirt length is around 85-90cm. You can choose to shorten the length of the skirt for no additional cost by simply emailing me after you place the order and mentioning your order number.
  • You can choose your favorite color from the ones indicated below, for the embroidery, on the other end, choose your favorite and email it to me by indicating your order number! You can also choose no embroidery! Important, the flower embroidery will have no leaves crown around it!
  • Fun option: if you want your name and or a different simple design embroidered you can email me and we will do it for an additional fee!
  • The embroideries are made individually by an Italian artisan from Modena named Monica.
  • The dress belongs to the limited edition collection in collaboration with Rebecca and we suggest you check the fairytale map and, in "The Enchanted Forest” area you will find the fairytale of this collection: "The Elf-Blade”, written by Rebecca herself!
  • Finally we would like to let you know that if you want to, you can pay this dress in installments for no additional fee. You can check how to do that in the info page, under the title "partial payments".
  • Oh, before you change page, did you know you can order a FREE second hand dress with each dress you buy? Check the second hand dress selection in our info page, all you need to do is to exchange it with something of yours you no longer use and support our swap.

Thank you for reading all this.

With love,

Cristina and Rebecca

*Attention: Fabric stock for this item might be limited at our suppliers. There is a chance we will let inform you that your chosen color is no longer available even after your purchase.


Rebecca in the picture wears a custom made version of this dress, approximately a size XS with a skirt length of 80cm. For more information about the fitting of this model please feel free to email us at


The dress is made in organic linen .

Care instruction:

We suggest washing this dress at a low temperature and low spin. Can Iron normally.

Choose your size

Check the size chart to see if the dress can fit you as it is.

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Custom measurements (+55€)

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