Please, before ordering, take the time to read the little lovely description below.

Hello love,

we wanted to take the time to tell you a little more about the Saphira dress so you get a chance to love it as much as we do by understanding the work that goes into it.

  • The Saphira like all of our dresses it is custom made here, in our little atelier in the Nord of Italy, and the production takes around 4 to 6 weeks time. From the moment you purchase the dress we will order fabric and then hand cut it and sew it individually, just for you. You can check more facts about the slow-fashion production method we use on our info page and blog, trust me, it's fun and interesting to learn about what is good for our planet.
  • The Saphira is made of organic silk based chiffon and the pattern is digitally printed on it to avoid waste and water pollution.
  • The dragon print was drawn by our lovely illustrator Stella with love and attention to details. She did a great job to achieve this romantic and yet fierce mood.
  • The shoulder pads scale embroideries are made, one by one (10 per dress),by a small artisan in a town near ours called Monica.
  • The shoulder pads and chains are an addition. The chain are individually placed on each dress in the atelier and can be removed to wash.
  • This dress is a work of engineering. The wings can stay down like a dress tail or they can be pulled up and hooked on the shoulders to look like a mantle and then opened to become wings. There is a zip in the back and the skirt is pretty wide. The skirt length is always 90cm despite the size you will order. You can choose to change to length of the skirt for no additional cost by simply emailing me after you place the order and mentioning your order number.
  • This dress can be ordered with a close back and closer V-neck for no additional fee. Just email us with your order number to make this request.
  • We suggest washing this dress by hand in cold water, to avoid the waste of resources. However the silk chiffon is an organic fabric you can also put it in the washing machine at a low temperature and low spin. Make sure to remove the chains and secure the shoulder pads in a bag.
  • The Saphira belongs to the Flying Creatures collection and we suggest you check the fairytale map and, in the "Pink Mountains" area you will find the fairytale of this collection: " The Tale of the Flying Creatures".
  • Finally I would like to let you know that if you want to, you can pay this dress in installments for no additional fee. You can check how to do that in the info page, under the title "partial payments".
  • Oh, before you change page, did you know you can order a FREE second hand dress with each dress you buy? Check the second hand dress selection in our info page, all you need to do is to exchange it with something of yours you no longer use and support our swap.

Thank you for reading all this.

With love,


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 Silver Dragon  Golden Dragon
Same dress with shoulder pads and pendent chain (+55€)
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