Mithryl Belt

Three Wolves

Hello love, please read our lovely description carefully so you will also love this creation knowing the work that goes into it!

  • One day, as I was walking in old town Florence among medieval towers, bridges and stone buildings, I noticed a little artisanal leather store that also had particular metal accessories. It was closed but I got the number and messaged the owner the very same day. Alberto is an Italian artisan in his 70s and in 1979 he opened a little artisanal leather lab in Florence with his wife Rossella.
  • The shop is small and filled with handmade leather items and trinkets Alberto collected around the world. When we meet, Alberto appears like a sweet giant, a little grumpy maybe but surely passionate about his craft: the traditional Italian (Tuscan) art of leather manufacturing, which is a precious art extremely valued in his territory. There our collaboration begins.
  • He tells me that my website immediately attracted and inspired him. Together with him and his wife, we collaborate to make this micro-capsule of leather accessories made by hand, one by one.
  • The wolf metal inserts are made by another Italian artisan, who produces iron and metal objects made with individual printing in his small laboratory, only sold in very small quantities.
  • We made two versions of this belt, one with three wolves and entirely sewed together, and another with only one wolf in the middle but small studs all around. Both can be closed through the laces on the back, which makes the belt suitable for all sizes.
  • This belt is hand-made here Italy, only upon order, and it takes from 6 to 8 weeks approximately.
  • Alberto works with leather, but he only uses leather derived from animals whose lives were already taken by the meat industry. No animals will be touched with the sole purpose to produce these accessories!
  • Partial Payments or Installments. Can't afford to buy an item all at once? No worries! You can pay in two or three installments! Read the info to know what to do!

Please note: This isn't a factory created item. This item is made by a real artist, in their lab, by hands, one by one individually just for you. Each piece takes hours of work and precision. Let's appreciate the work of artisans more as an exercise to sustainability! And let's support female artisans, artists and entrepreneurs!

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Three Wolves One Wolf

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