Build your Herbarium

Hello love, please read our lovely description carefully so you will also love this creation knowing the work that goes into it!

  • Handmade in Italy by the forest inspired and Dolomites based artist Lucia Carrara, a lovely creator who is originally from my own town.
  • This decorative herbarium can be personalized with forest herbs and flowers, drawings, fabric patterns and little quotes (check below how to personalize).
  • Made upon order, it takes from 4 to 6 weeks approximately.
  • Made with recycled materials.
  • 20x29cm frame.
  • Partial Payments or Installments. Can't afford to buy an item all at once? No worries! You can pay in two or three installments! Read in info to know what to do!

Please note: This isn't a factory created item. This item is made by a real artist, in her lab, by hands, one by one individually just for you. Each piece takes hours of work and precision. Let's appreciate the work of artisans more as an exercise to sustainability! And let's support female artisans, artist and entrepreneurs!

For all personalizations Instructions here:

Write in the box below your personalizations: Choose the frame from the ones in the pictures, the plants you want to include and what quote you would like written. You can also choose a piece of fabric of the slow-fashion dresses (check the shop and let us know what fabric you like) and a drawing or illustration (this can be both something like an animal you really like or an illustration of the ones of our blog/fairytales). Note that the Herbariums are made by an artist and they will all be different and individual!

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