In order to be even more sustainable we decided to create a swapping system that promotes recycling and second hand!

Here is how it will work:

  • Whenever you purchase a Nour & the Merchant design you will be able to get a second hand dress FOR FREE as long as you are willing to trade something of yours you no longer use, in good conditions and that fits with the general mood of this store
  • When you will buy your new dress contact us with the code number of the second hand dress you like so we can reserve if for you and put you in contact with the owner so the two of you can arrange the shipping details.
  • Before the dress can be considered "yours" you will need to provide us with quality pictures of one or more items you are interested in swapping (pictures must be taken on a hanger, with a white/beige background and in natural lights). Once we will agree the item is acceptable we will reserve the second hand item you have chosen. Please send your pictures at .
  • The item you Swap will be shipped by you to the person who will select it in the future. Whenever a person selects the item we will provide them your contact information in order to arrange the shipping. Shipping will be only done though normal postal service and you will decide with the receiver how to split the reasonable shipping costs.
  • Contestations will go though us and if we find that someone is abusing of the swap system they will no longer be allowed to swap on this platform. Swapping is a way of strengthening the community, helping the environment and should not be done for egoistic purposes.
  • Swapping can only happen if you have purchased a Nour design and donated something in return.
  • If we do not accept some of your donation please understand we are selective in order to keep a quality standard and a certain image. We hope you understand!
  • Finally, if you don't want to buy anything at the moment you can always donate used items in exchange for a discount you'll be willing to use in the future!

Can't wait to know if you like our system!

With love,

Cristina & Nour!

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