Hello everyone, thank you for being here!
Read this little introduction to know how we work and then check below all the practical informations!

We are a small Italian brand of sustainable fairytale attire made for everyday use.

Slow fashion is our motto because we believe in a more ethical and sustainable way to purchase fashion, one that doesn't put too much pressure on our planets resources and on peoples' labor.

We hand make everything here in our atelier in Italy right upon your purchase, so most of our items are not ready to ship and will be created from scratch after you place your order. When you order a slow fashion dress we will put you right after the other orders we have, we will purchase the fabric, we will hand cut each piece of the dress and hand sew it all for you, piece by piece.

For one dress we can take up to 7 days! After all we pack it up, we write a little note by hand and we will ship it with DHL express shipping.

This is true for every...single... order...

And trust us, each order is made with love!Read below to know some important practical information, such as production time, size charts, shipping, returns and about some other incredible things we do!

A- Production and Products

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Dresses in Slow Fashion

  • HANDMADE IN ITALY by a tailor
  • Each dress is made specifically for you
  • Production will take 4 to 6 weeks
  • You will be able to choose: your size (S-M-L-Curvy)
  • the fabric color
  • different fabrics ( sustainable too) in certain occasions
  • the timing for production (faster production of two weeks)
  • tailor made to your measures

Dresses Ready to Wear

  • These are already in stock from our first small experiment with fashion we made in 2019 with an outsourced supplier.
  • They will not be reproduced if not in slow-fashion.
  • Each dress can ship right away
  • Low quantity production
  • All one-size but can fit different bodies
  • Check the size chart under each item


  • We have both jewelry of our own designs as well as collaborations with small artisans we love
  • 18k gold plated bronze/silver
  • Un-allergic and don't lose color
  • They already come in a gift box

Read here why our fabrics and our method is sustainable!

B-Size Chart for slow fashion

Please check this very very carefully!!

  • S-Breast 88cm- Waist 70cm- Hips 93cm
  • M-Breast 92cm- Waist 74cm- Hips 97cm
  • L-Breast 96cm- Waist 78cm- Hips 101cm
  • Curvy-Breast 108cm- Waist 90cm- Hips 115cm

For the custom-made option you need to take your measurements as explained here and indicate them in the required box like in the given example.

For any concern please contact me before submitting your order!

C-Shipping and production time

  • We ship everywhere with DHL Express Worldwide, so shipping is trackable, safe and super fast!
  • We ship with the DHL green initiative to limit carbon emissions
  • Delivery times can be affected by weather conditions, strikes and holiday periods!
  • Ready to wear orders are ready to ship in 2 to 3 business day
  • Slow fashion orders take 4 to 6 weeks to prepare as they are HANDMADE just for you
  • Delivery is around 2/3 days in the EU and 1 week for worldwide deliveries.
  • You can select the "Two weeks production” option by paying an additional fee.

D-Partial Payments or Installments

Can't afford to buy an item all at once?No worries! You can pay in two or three installments!

  • Just contact us ahead of time and we will prepare an invoice divided with the number of installments you will need to pay!
  • After having paid the first part we will start production and before shipping ( 4-6 weeks later) we will ask you for the second installment.
  • If you are not in a hurry we can spread the production in two months instead of one so you'll be able to pay in 3 installments.
  • Want to pay in installments? Contact us now!

E- Returns

If your slow fashion dress has some small defects and/or unstitched part we are truly truly sorry. Hand made items can have some issues because handmade by a person, not a machine, and sometime that can happen. But don't despair! We accept returns and we will fix it immediately and send it back as soon as possible!

  • If the dress doesn't fit you quite right you can let us know within 14 days after you receive it
  • The return costs are charged to the client.
  • Please return with insured and trackable shipping providers or we cannot refund if the item is lost.
  • If you wish to adjust the measurements of your slow fashion dress you will have to provide us pictures and measurements of the parts you need to adjust.
  • Attention: Custom dresses cannot be refunded (therefore all custom made dresses to your size, fabric and color).
  • Dresses cannot be refunded if they have been used, if the label has been removed, if it is damaged and if it's been stained or washed.
  • Size adjustments cannot be made if they require to enlarge the dress in parts where this is not physically possible.

F- Second Hand Swap

We created a system, called second hand swap, for which you can have a free second hand dress with all your purchased items only if you are willing to exchange it for something you have in your closet you no longer use! For more info read this!

G- Custom Wedding Gowns

We can make your own, personalized, wedding dress. We will discuss with you your desires, your vision, your budget, your timeline and create a project and a few draft for you to check. If you like what you see we will make your dress! Read more here!

For more info please contact me.

H- Holidays

Holidays like are a difficult time of the year for us because, since we make everything by hand, it is hard to fulfill too many orders by the holiday deadline. Here are a few holidays suggestions:

  • For Christmas, please order your gifts at least 6 weeks before December 23rd
  • If you place your orders from middle of November onwards please be aware that it may take 2 extra week in production as we will take 10 days off for the holidays
  • The same is true for summer holidays but we will let you know with a pop up a month ahead

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