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Sustainability-A sustainable Christmas

We have always tried to be as sustainable as possible both in the way we make our clothes to the way we do the packaging, to the shipping, the consumption of electricity and water in our office and why not, even in the way we decorate for the Holidays.

This little blog post is about sustainability but it also goes to show what amazing things one can achieve with recycling.

In out little atelier, we made a Christmas tree!

By making a couple of ornaments with left over fabric from our wool cloaks and silk velvet dresses, we decided to decorate an old stair we had here in the office. We added firefly lights, some ribbons made with left over lace and left over trims of bordeaux velvet and made a forest inspired Christmas tree, 100% sustainable.

In our atelier almost nothing goes to waist. We have giant cardboard boxes containing all the pieces of fabric we couldn't use and we are planning, when there will be time, to make hair bows, bags, wallets, and so on. For now we made Christmas ornaments to be festive!

Our linen, tercel, organic cotton and silk chiffon dresses are packed under our tree, in our lovely new recyclable packaging with a handwritten letter for each order, Nour fairytales inspired stickers and so much more!

Be better for the environment and help us recycle and avoid more waste! Check out our slow fashion products and our sustainable fabrics. Also use our Second Hand Swap system to get more items for free!

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