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Quiz-Which historical era should you have lived in?

1.Choose a favorite novel:

A. Anna Karenina

B. Pride and Prejudice


2.Choose a favorite movie:



C. The Lord of the Rings

3.Choose a favorite female character:

A. Jo March

B. Elizabeth Bennet

C. Joan D'arc

4.Where would you rather live:

A. In a regal household in the center of the city

B. A manner with a big family

C. A castle in the forest

5.What would your perfect dress look like:

A. High neck and sleeves with a full skirt

B. Long and beautiful but with a lovely low neckline and puff sleeves

C. Long flowy sleeves, golden details and probably velvet

6.How would you define your ideal society?

    A. In the mist of technological change, urban and revolutionary

    B. Elegant, linked to traditions and nobility but also arts and culture

    C. Spiritual, immersed in nature and simple living

    7.Chose a Tv show:

      A. Downton Abby

      B. Bridgerton

      C. Game of Thrones

      8.Choose a color palette

        A. Emerald, purple

        B. Light blue, white, rose

        C. Black and Red

        9.Choose an occasion where you usually dress up

          A. For elegant events with family or work

          B. When I go out to dance or to a party with friends

          C. When I wander in the forest

          10.Another question about your ideal dress. Does it have to be comfortable?

            A. No, it has to be beautiful

            B. Yes I have to dance in it!

            C. Can I ride a horse?

            Check which letter you predominantly picked and read the answer below. If you have mixed letter you are a mix between the results!

            If you have this answer you might want to check the Luna, the Boheme, the Esmeralda and the Helena as they were all inspired by the Victorian style

            If you have this answer you might want to check the Flora, the Howthorn, the Thimbleweed, the Camille and the Annabelle as they were all inspired by the Regency style

            If you have this answer you might want to check the Daphne, the Yule, the Leannan Sidhe, the Saphira and the Willow as they were all inspired by the Medieval style

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            • Linux : Chromium
            • Mobile : works normally on any kind of browser.