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Quiz- Which classical fairytale are you?

Choose a set of animals from the ones below:

A. Cat or Rabbit

B. Deer or Fox

C. Bird or Horse

D. Wolf or Dragon

Choose a color palette from below:

A. Violet/Orange

B. Beige/White

C. Blue/Green

D. Red/Black

Choose a phrase that truly represents you:

A. Carpe diem and enjoy the wonders of life

B. I would love a big family with many people at the dinner table

C. I am a hopeless romantic and dreamer

D. I want to be the hero of my own tale

Choose a place that makes you feel the most at home:

A. In my own thought and dreams

B. In a little cottage

C. In a royal castle

D. A cabin in the depth of the woods

Choose your favorite comfort food:

A. Tea and cookies

B. Pie and Milk

C. Food? I live of dreams and music

D. A roast with friends

On a desert Island you would bring:

A. A book

B. Something to cook

C. A loved one

D. A weapon to hunt/defend my self

You greatest achievement?

A. To love your imperfections

B. To know how to be there for others

C. To be in love with yourself first

D. To be independent

Your favorite childhood toy:

A. An illustrate book

B. Stuffed animal

C. A doll

D. The outdoors

If you were a planet or celestial object you would be:

A. A black hole

B. Planet Earth

C. The Moon

D. A whole constellation

Your predominant answer will indicate which fairytale you are! If you have mixed results check the final fairytale!

To decide which C or D you are take the questions below!

C- Where would you rather live:

I. The Forest = Sleeping Beauty

II. The Sea = Little Mermaid

D- Would you rather:

I. Fly= Jack and the Magic Beans

II. Mutate into an animal = Red Riding Hood

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