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Quiz- What kind of Witch are you?

In your ideal room one is most likely to find:

A. Plants and Herbariums, crystals, candles, maybe perfumes

B. Moon jewelry, a moon shaped lamp, glowing stars, a constellation wallpaper and celestial themed stationary

C. Old vintage books, ink bottles and feather pens, leather covered diaries and photos of your friends

D. Your pets and many mountain photos and posters

If you could choose where would you rather live?

A. In a lovely cottage by the forest with a beautiful garden

B. Anywhere as long as I have a window with a lovely view of the night sky and the moon

C. In a castle with ghosts and old libraries

D. In the woods surrounded by animals all the time, maybe with a pet fox

Your friends would describe you mostly as:

A. "Very nurturing, caring, warm and a great cook"

B. "A passionate soul with a moody temper"

C. "Curious but always with her/his nose in a book"

D. What friends? My only friends are animals

What are you more likely to wear?

A. A summer dress with a lot of lace and pastels colors

B. Something elegant but different, white or pearl color, maybe with beaded embroidery

C. Something emerald green, velvet, brown-beige tones and knitted sweaters

D. A cape and high boots because I would only want to be out in the rain

What is your ideal pet?

A. A black cat, great company but not too much to handle

B. A wolf so we could howl together at the moon

C. An howl so we could stay awake at night and read together

D. A deer or a fox because we could run in the forest together

What is your hidden skill?

A. Cooking or my green thumb

B. Anything creative

C. I'm an avid reader

D. I think I'm great with animals

Which quote best describes you?

A. " To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" A.H.

B. "With freedom, books, flowers, and the Moon, who could not be happy?" O.W.

C. "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remember to turn on the light" A.D.

D. "The clearest way into the Universe is through the forest wilderness" J.M.

Finally, which of these songs makes you feel full?

A. The Sound of Silence- Simon & Garfunkel

B. Saturn- Sleeping at Last

C. The Parting Glass- John McDermott

D. Wolf- First Aid Kit

If your answered are mixed you are a mixed kind of witch of the two most predominant ones.

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