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Quiz- Are you a Fairy or Dragon?

Are you a dragon or a fairy?

A- Which animal would you adopt if you could?

  1. A lamb/a duckling/a bunny
  2. A dog/ a horse/ an owl
  3. A monkey/ A cat/ a swan
  4. A wolf/a lion/ an egal

B- What statement describes you best?

  1. My friends say that I am naive and too sweet to people who shouldn't be trusted
  2. My parents always told me to go play with other kids but I enjoyed my space
  3. I am a bag of sarcasm and dark jokes, but look very proper on the outside
  4. Don't anger me you would be playing with fire

C- Favorite place to rest?

  1. A cute cottage with a big garden and farm animals
  2. By the window in the forest with the rain
  3. Under the night sky with music and my friends (maybe a party?)
  4. On top of an epic mountain

D- Choose a song (if you don't know them go listen, really)...

  1. The sound track of the Shire from the lord of the rings
  2. Hopeless Wanderer- Mumford & Sons
  3. King of the World- First Aid Kit
  4. Saturn- Sleeping at Last

E- Choose a set of colors..

  1. Baby blue/Baby pink/cream
  2. Emerald green/ grey/ vintage rose
  3. Yellow/Grass Green/ Violet
  4. Black/ Red/ Dark Green

F- What would you bring on a trip alone to the forest?

  1. My journal and a good book
  2. The best music
  3. Fiends and a lover
  4. A weapon and a lighter

G- What would you want to wear if you were about to be crowned?

  1. A pretty princess pink/white/light blue dress
  2. A modest long sleeves green dress with embroidery on the front
  3. A sparkly long dress that would make you look like an angel
  4. Something that looks like a pretty armor dress

H-You are a believer in:

  1. Love
  2. Freedom
  3. Adventures
  4. Magic

If you answered mostly 1 you are:

You should then check out the FLORA and the DAPHNE dress!

If you received mostly 2 you are: 

You should then check out the SAPHIRA dress!

If you selected mostly n3 you are:

You should then check out the SAPHIRA dress and the DRAGON NECKLACE!

If you selected mostly n4 you are:

You should then check out the FLORA and the DAPHNE dress and the ELF EARRING!

If you selected a mix check out the two or more prominent results and you will be a mix of all!

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