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Quiz- Which forest animal are you?

What do friends say about you?

A. That I am mysterious and hard to get

B. I am friendly but don't trust people easily

C. That I am the Alfa of our group, tho not using these words.

D. That I am very friendly and cuddly

E. I am always calm except if you threaten those I love, then I become protective

F. I am perceptive and always on the alert

Choose a color palette:

A. Night Blue and Silver, like the night-sky

B. Bronze and Brown, all earth colors really

C. Black, Grey and White, a forest in the snow

D. Pastelsss and white colors only

E. Beige and Cream? Soft tones, skin tones

F. Green, like the forest

Choose a princess:

A. Elsa

B. Rapunzel

C. Pocahontas

D. Snow White

E. Merida

F. Aurora

Choose a country/region:

A. Can I choose the moon?

B. Central Europe

C. Northern Europe

D. England

E. North America

F. Central Asia

Choose a fantasy lady:

A. Arwen

B. Hermione

C. Sansa Stark

D. Lucy Pevensie

E. Cersei

F. Harry Potter

If lost in a forest always...

A. Follow the stars in the sky

B. Follow the river bend

C. Follow your instincts

D. Hide

E. Find a safe place to sleep

F. Listen to the sounds around you

Which adjective describe you best:

A. Moody & Mysterious

B. Adventurous & joyful

C. Loyal & Lonesome

D. Sweet & Loving

E. Motherly & Brave

F. Intelligent & Fast thinker

You belong most:

A. In the night

B. In the forest

C. In a pack

D. In summer

E. In bed

F. Somewhere without people

If your answers are very mixed you, my dear, are the forest!

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