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Quiz-What explorer are you?

If you could pick a book about a famous journey you would pick:

A. The Old Man & The Se

B. Little House on the Prairie

C. Into the Wild

    Which animal you think best represents your soul?

    A. A Whale, big heart in the cold and dark oceans, always moving to warmer waters and exploring the depth of things as you travel

    B. A horse, living free in the wide open landscape of the West, always reaching for new and farther horizons

    C. Wolf, traveling always in a caravan of people and you consider home a group of people rather than a place

      Choose a location:

      A. A beach

      B. A canyon

      C. A meadow

        Choose a song:

        A. Drunken Sailor - The Irish Rovers

        B. Take me home, Country roads- John Denver

        C. Hallelujah -Leonard Cohen

          Choose a color:

          A. Blue

          B. Brown

          C. Red

            Choose a movie:

            A. Pirates of the Caribbean

            B. Footloose

            C. Big fish

              You prefer your hair:

              A. In the wind

              B. In a pony tail

              C. In braids

                Pick a food:

                A. Crab-cakes

                B. Pancakes

                C. Lemon-cakes

                  If your majority answers are A

                  If your majority answers are B

                  If your majority answers are C

                  It’s an old version and is not supported anymore, only the following browsers are supported

                  • Windows : Chrome, Firefox, Edge
                  • MacOS : Safari, Chrome, Firefox
                  • Linux : Chromium
                  • Mobile : works normally on any kind of browser.