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Magic Fact- Grimm's brothers fairytales

The Grimm's brothers fairytales are among the most classical fairytales of all time for the children of Europe and consequentially all Western countries. Among them we can find Snow White, Cindarella, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood and many others.

Not many of us, however, know some interesting facts about the Grimm's brothers.

  1. The two brothers were not only fairytales writers. The also wrote books about mythology, and on linguistics as well as medieval studies. They also started the German Dictionary but only arrived at the letter F.
  2. The two brothers, Wilhelm and Jacob, lived together with Wilhelm's wife. When the latter died his brother was so heart broken that followed Wilhelm in only 3 years. At this point their 7th edition was published and it contained 211 fairytales.
  3. The fairytales are not created by the Grimm's brothers. The two only decided to collect traditional narrations from their village and their elders.
  4. The fairytales were not intended for children and initially contained many sexual references and taboos that were then edited throughout the editions, lowering the amount of sexual parts but increasing the violence.
  5. In the original tales Rapunzel get pregnant after a one night stand with the Prince.
  6. Always in the original tales Cindarella' sisters cut their fingers off in order to fit in the crystal shoe.
  7. Snow White was only 7 years old, in the original tales, when the Huntsman is ordered to take her heart and liver by the evil queen.
  8. In the 1812 version of Hansel and Gretel a wife persuades her husband to abandon their children because they were too expensive to feed.
  9. Finally in the initial version of Snow White the queen is killed by being forced to dance in red hot iron shoes.

Did you know these interesting facts about the funding fathers of German and Western fairytales?

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