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Ethics-We love Wolves and here is what we did

We love wolves and this is what we decided to do this past Black Friday instead of following the consumeristic trend of sales and low prices. Read the blog post to find out!

As you guys may know ( if you've been following me on social media or if you have read my website pages), this entire brand is inspired by my wolf-dog Nour.

Her name means light in Arabic and it is also the name of the golden wolf, protagonist of our fairytales.

Wolves are magical creatures and in history have been always misunderstood by humans.

While on one side they became domesticated dogs, on the other they have always been hunted since they were seen as a threat to farm animals and humans as well.

In the fairytale world wolves were often portrayed as the enemy, as a dark shadowy figure threatening the innocence of children and women.

Lately, however, wolves have started to be seen by humans as elegant and magical creatures, probably due to the appreciation received in recent pop culture.

We can think about the representation of the wolves in the recent tv saga Game of Thrones, in which the Stark family was linked to the symbol of the Wolf and each child of the family had their own pet ware-wolf.

Wolves are making a comeback, as they should, and we decided it was about time to help these Kings and Queens in the North as much as we could.

We decided to donate 50% of our own profit of the items purchased on Friday the 27th of November (Black Friday) to a Wolf shelter in the United Kingdom.

The Ngo is called Wolf Watch Uk and this is the description of their goal:

"Wolf Watch UK was established in 1993 by our founder Tony Haighway, whose initial involvement with wolf conservation started with the rescue of a pair of wolves from a closing zoo in Warwickshire.

From these small beginnings, Wolf Watch UK has gone on to provide sanctuary for over thirty displaced wolves to date.

Our wolves normally arrive here as a consequence of: dominance fights, zoo closures or excess breeding.

Without our help many of these magnificent animals would have probably been euthanised."

Through our donations they will be helping three wolves: Rickon, Anja and Sansa.

"Anja is a beautiful 3 year old European Wolf from Norway and arrived in 2015 from Paradise Park in Hertfordshire.

Since her arrival she has settled down well and is looking forward to her new 5 acre enclosure complete with pond, woodland and grassy slope."

- Their website says and we couldn't be more happy to have supported these creatures instead of doing a boring sale.

Not all wolves are as lucky as Nour and not all of them can run around a large garden, sleep on the couch and eat the tuna tartare my dad makes her (roll-eye emoji).

We were happy to support this Ngo and their precious work!

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