Hi there, thank you for visiting my website! My name is Cristina and I am the founder and designer of this little brand that is... magical, ethical and from Italy. Read this brand' story below to know more!

Nour and the arab merchant

Nour & the merchant is.. Magical

I am a 27 years old girl born in the northern mountains of Italy, the Dolomites, from an Italian mother and a Middle Eastern father.

When I was little my mom used to read The Lord of the Rings to me as a bedtime story.

She was beautiful, with long thick hair and an eye for all things graceful.

She used to make everything so mysterious when she talked about it.

Because of her I've always been fascinated by fairytales, whether the stories took place in dark gloomy forests or in the most far away deserts.

We created a secret magical world that was just ours, a world no-one could understand or take away from us. Until I turned nine and my mother passed away.

The mountains, the forest, the magic and mystery.. everything was a reminder of her essence.

I decided to believe that she just transformed into the wind, the stars, the trees and all the beauty of nature. Suddenly the forests around me became forever wrapped in a veil of mystery.

Since then I wanted to re-create a world where dragons really existed and we could reach far away kingdoms. I decided to start my own company and design something that could allow people to live in a fairytale by simply dressing a bit more magical.

The world we live in can sometimes be cruel, raw, dull or even lacking elegance and grace. But what is truly magical is to acknowledge it all and still be able to dream.

This brand is a piece of my mother and her vision of the world, and I know she would be proud.

Nour, on the other hand, is the name of my wolfdog and in Arabic it means “light”. I adopted her at a very difficult time of my life and she definitely brought light to my days, so I decided to name this dream of mine after her! My brand's symbol is, in fact, a little golden wolf traveling with her friend, an Arab merchant. The story links together northern European and Middle Eastern folklore in order to enhance the concept of solidarity and unity among people within the light of a sweet fairytale.

The golden wolf and her friend travel together, encountering many characters and obstacles. You can read the tale of Nour & the Merchant in the page “Fairytales”! Each story was written by yours truly and they all tell about one stop on the map of these two characters' journey!

Each collection is inspired by the tales of Nour & the Merchant and each piece tells about one of their adventures.

Nour and Cristina

Nour & the merchant is... Ethical

I was raised by my dad, who is originally from the Middle East. From him I get the love for far away lands and the tales of kingdoms among the dunes. Even if I grew up in the forest in northern Italy, Nour & the merchant needed to reflect the folklore of my heritage.

When I was eighteen and had to choose a path from my studies the situation in the Middle East was heated so, to honor my heritage, I decided to study human rights.

In 2019 I finished my PhD in this field and I decided that my brand should be as ethical and sustainable as possible.

In order to do so I donate a small percentage of each product I sell to support different humanitarian projects, in 2020 it was Music Action International, an NGO that works with refugees!

Furthermore I also wanted this brand to honor and preserve mother nature. Because of this all of our products are created in slow fashion, in low quantities and with sustainable fabrics. The philosophy of slow fashion values the work of the tailors and allows you to choose sustainable fabrics such as Tencel ™, Bamboo, Linen, recycled fabrics, dead stock fabrics, ect. There is no overproduction, water pollution, waste or resources, bad working conditions and so on! In addition I decided to ship with the DHL green initiative to limit carbon emissions on every package I send to you.

Nour & the merchant is... Handmade in Italy

The slow fashion philosophy I decided to adopt aims to not only create garments that are made ethically from people I personally know and admire, but also to give my brand the quality of the “made in Italy”. The dresses are handmade by experienced and talented tailors who were blessed with the Italian craftsmanship of dress making. Slow fashion is a new kind of approach to fashion that makes people aware of the processes involved in the making of a garment, so that each piece of apparel is more valuable, ethically produced and sustainable for the environment. You may have to wait a little longer to get your piece but it will be made in the kindest and more respectful of ways, with love and attention to details. Doesn't that make everything a little more special?

In loving memory of my mom who helped inspire this worldMy mom who helped inspire this world

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