My story

My name is Cristina, a 29 years old girl from Italy, and I would like to tell you a little bit about me and my creations.

I was born in the northern mountains of Italy, the Dolomites, from an Italian mother and Syrian father.

When I was little my mom used to read The Lord of the Rings to me as a bedtime story. My mother was beautiful, with long thick hair and an eye for all things graceful.

She used to make everything so mysterious when she talked about it. Because of her I've always been fascinated by fairytales.

We created a magical world that was just ours, a world no-one else could see or understand.

When I turned nine and my mother passed away.

She was gone and the little mountain town I grew up in felt emptier. But the mountains, the forest, the snow, the wind.. everything was a reminder of her essence.

Since then I wanted to re-create a world where dragons really existed and we could reach far away kingdoms. So I decided to start my own company and design something that could allow people to live in a fairytale.

The world can sometimes be cruel, raw, dull or even lacking elegance and grace. But what is truly magical it's to acknowledge it all and still be able to dream.

This brand is a piece of my mother and her vision of the world, and I know she would be proud.

Nour and the Fairytales

Nour is the name of my wolf-dog and in Arabic it means “light” because she brought light to my days. She is my best friend and I decided to name this dream after her.

I created a story inspired by my wolf and based this new magical world around it. The tale of Nour & the Merchant.

Each product we create is connected to a fairytale, one of the many adventures of the little golden wolf traveling with her guardian, an Arab merchant.

The story links together northern European and Middle Eastern folklore, which I believe to be a perfect representation of my heritage.

On some level it is a magical story about a father and her daughter. A story about me and my dad, the man who's always been my guide, my rock, the ground beneath my feet.

Each story was written by yours truly and they all tell about one adventure in these two characters' journey!

You can read the tale of Nour & the Merchant in the page “Fairytales”!

Slow-fashion made in Italy

Our team is currently composed by me and Sabina, a lovely Italian tailor I met in January 2020 and since then became very close too.

We recently began working with two new young girls who are learning the ropes, Sara and Sara.

The core of the brand is made by the four of us, working side by side everyday to create your clothes.

Sabina is an experienced tailor who, in the past, owned her own tailor shop. She fell in love with my project and my styles and decided to join.

I couldn't be more thankful to have her on my side, with her joyfulness and dedication she brightens the mood in the atelier even when things are very hectic.

She is like my aunt now and I hope when you order your pieces you think of her the same way!

We produce everything here, in our atelier in Ferrara, Italy. We cut the fabric piece by piece, we create the samples, sew your garments and package everything with love.

We make items in slow fashion, meaning once you place your order we begin the process step by step. The slow fashion philosophy we decided to adopt aims not only to give this brand the quality of the “made in Italy”, but to create garments that are made ethically and sustainably.

Slow fashion is a new kind of approach to fashion that makes people aware of the processes involved in the making of a garment, avoiding the traditional fast-fashion consumeristic trends and their unethical consequences.

You may have to wait a little longer to get your piece but it will be made in the kindest and more respectful of ways, with love and attention to details. Doesn't that make everything a little more special?

In addition to slow-fashion we also do our best to be responsible towards our beloved muse, Mother Earth.

In 2019 I finished my PhD in this field and I decided that my brand should be as ethical and sustainable as possible.

In addition to the sartorial slow-fashion production we prioritize sustainable fabrics, recycled fabrics, dead stock fabrics and organic fabric.

We also provide the option of swapping second hand clothes to promote a sustainable life cycle of fashion items.

Furthermore we donate a small percentage of each product sold to support different humanitarian and environmental projects.

In 2020 we donated to Music Action International, an NGO that works with refugees, and Wolf Watch Uk, a shelter for captive wolves.

Recently we donated to a project aiming to remove plastic from the main rivers and preventing it to reach the oceans; The Ocean Clean Up project.

Finally we ship with the DHL green initiative to limit carbon emissions on every package we send you.

Thank you for visiting our world and we hope you love it!

Press and recognitions

We are very proud to say that we appeared on the November, December (2021) and January (2022) issues of British Vogue.

In loving memory of my mom who helped inspire this world
My mom who helped inspire this world

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